Annual Christmas Raffle

SDA is a participant in the annual Rotary Club Christmas Treasure Trove Raffle. Tickets are $2 each and the first prize is a Toyota Yaris or $16,000.

This raffle is a win-win project from SDA’s point of view. 25% of gross sales go to the organisers, the Rotary Club, and 75% stays with SDA, without us having to commit any outlay for prizes. After postage costs and stationery, 90% of SDA’s retained profits go to the branches to help fund their activities. (The other 10% helps to fund National administration.)

Books of tickets are available from the national treasurer, Sandi Steep, who you can contact on 0419 957 784 or by using our email contact form. Ticket stubs and proceeds are due back by BEFORE CHRISTMAS each year, to the treasurer at 165/9 Crofts Ave, Hurstville, NSW 2220.

Christmas 2017 Results (drawn 15 Jan 2018)