Sleep-Related Links

Woolcock Institute of Medical Research - Sydney University
The Woolcock Institute conducts research in both respiratory and sleep areas, and publishes many papers. From time to time it also seeks volunteers to participate in clinical studies.

Hypersomnolence Australia
Hypersomnolence Australia is dedicated to advocating for, educating about, and raising awareness of the neurological sleep disorder, Idiopathic Hypersomnia.

Sleep Matters
Sleep Matters is a Perth based team of dedicated professionals who help people improve their sleep and daytime energy – without relying on medication. If you don’t live in Perth you can still benefit from their advice. Check out their website where you will find their award winning blog.

Sleep Health Foundation
The Sleep Health Foundation is dedicated to increasing community awareness of the importance of good sleep and improving the treatment of sleep disorders.

ACT Sleep Apnea Association
ACT Sleep Apnea Association hold regular meetings in Canberra, and can be contacted for information about treatment and suppliers.

National Prescribing Service
Interesting information regarding getting a good night's sleep whilst minimising the use use of medications.