RLS Foundation Webinar

The RLS Foundation (US) offers free webinars on topics that are relevant to understanding and coping with restless legs syndrome (RLS).

Their one-hour webinars include a Question & Answer session after the speaker. This is a great opportunity to share questions and comments with other patients, medical professionals and RLS experts. When you register for the webinar you can submit your questions on the topic to be answered as time allows.

Their next webinar is on Tuesday, March 14*, 2018 click on the link below for details about the time in your local area.

The topic of their next webinar is “Medications for RLS” presented by Dr Michael Silber, MB, ChB,

Dr Silber is a neurologist and sleep specialist at the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, an RLS Quality Care Center. He also serves as a professor of neurology in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. Silber is an active member of the RLS Foundation's Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, and the current chair of its Opiates Committee. With a particular focus in neurology, Silber's areas of research include the relationship of REM sleep behavior disorder to neurodegenerative diseases, drug management and predisposing factors related to RLS, and epidemiology and pathogenesis of narcolepsy with special reference to the hypocretin system.

In this webinar he will be discussing the options for first-line drug treatments for RLS and drug choices for refractory RLS, including the use of opioids. While some of the medications that will be discussed may not be available in Australia the webinar is still a great opportunity for RLS sufferers in Australia to learn more about the advances in RLS treatment and provides a platform where you can share questions and comments with other patients and RLS medical professionals.

*Note; the RLS Foundation’s website will say March 13th because they are a day behind us. It also means the webinar will be in the earlier hours of the morning in Australia. Their webinars are available to watch later in their member portal and many are also uploaded to their YouTube channel.

For more information including the time of the webinar in your local area click here