Restless Legs Syndrome Awareness Day

23rd September

The official RLS Awareness Day is held on is September 23rd to coincide with the birth date of Professor Karl-Axel Ekborn the Swedish neurologist who first described restless legs syndrome in 1945. The Awareness Day has been celebrated in other countries previously, however 2018 will be the very first year that this event is officially celebrated in Australia.

There is so little known or understood about RLS and that needs to change so the theme for the 2018 RLS Awareness Day in Australia is “EDUCATION”. This is an opportunity to raise awareness and share information about RLS with your networks, the general public and also the medical community.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated committee to volunteer to help create and promote this significant event. It will be organised online so anyone with access to the internet and the skills and time required is welcome to get involved. We need people that can help create information posters and other educational resources that can be shared online and that will be available to download and print. We also need people with experience in promoting awareness campaigns, particularly online. If you have the skills to do this or you have any ideas at all that you would like to share with us please contact our RLS Coordinator Karalyn Patrick at [email protected]

Check back for more information closer to the date