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Why am I here? Where has the RLS site and forum gone?

You are here because you were looking for the RLS website or Forum. After many years of supporting RLS sufferers, we found the forum is rarely used anymore, so we decided to close it down, and the old site was tired and needed both a redesign, also updated content. We remain keenly interested in supporting those with RLS. By redirecting your browsing to this site, we hope you will take advantage of the numerous resources relating to RLS sufferers, but resources relating to all sorts of common sleep disorders.

Many resources are freely available to the public. Sleep Disorders Australia also has it's own support group on Facebook

Facebook Support Group

Here is another great Facebook Support Group specifically for RLS sufferers.


This website you are now on contains some great info. You might like to explore what we offer. Here are two great places to start -

Facts on RLS

Fact Sheets (RLS and others)

Sleep Disorders Australia is a registered NFP and charity, and all it's support staff are volunteers that have sleep disorders just like you. Your membership helps to fund the educational and support work we do, such as this maintaining and expanding this website.

SDA - Who We Are

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