What We Do

Support by telephone, mail and e-mail - We give non-medical advice to people about sleep apnea, insomnia, RLS and other sleep disorders, how to get diagnosed, available treatments, and the phone numbers of Sleep Units in their area. We answer enquiries and send out information brochures.

Quarterly Newsletter - The SDA News is produced by SDA and distributed to all current members, plus a list of complimentary recipients such as medical professionals, equipment suppliers and libraries. It contains branch reports, summaries of recent sleep research, information on upcoming activities and general news about sleep matters.

Information Booklet - The Booklet is updated and issued each six months and distributed to public and private Sleep Clinics and to sleep specialists to be given to newly diagnosed patients. It contains an abridged version of some of our key Fact Sheets and information about SDA for prospective members. It also carries a range of advertising by suppliers, which allows up to distribute the booklet free to the newly diagnosed.

Website - We maintain this website to provide on-line access to a variety of information. Our Fact Sheets are particularly popular, and are accessed by people all over the world.

Buddy system - A buddy system database is maintained in all states to put new CPAP users in contact with more experienced CPAP users, for advice and encouragement during that difficult period of initial treatment.

Meetings and seminars - These are held on a regular basis in most states to provide members and the public with information on new developments in our understanding of sleep disorders, diagnosis, treatments, and equipment, with some branches holding workshop sessions to provide practical advice and help solve problems for CPAP users.

Support groups - There is a Facebook Support Group for people who want to talk about various sleep disorders, which can be found at www.facebook.com/groups/SDASupport/, and a discussion Forum for Restless Legs Syndrome at forum.rls.org.au.

Apnea Awareness Program - All branches of SDA have a professionally produced audio-visual program for presentation to community groups. Each branch has at least one member trained in the presentation of this program, which can be delivered using PowerPoint, or using overhead slides. The program includes relevant information, answers to frequently asked questions, and reference material. Contact your Branch if you would like to organise a presentation for your community group.